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And we're back to the "You were probably poisoned" hypothesis... - Elf M. Sternberg
And we're back to the "You were probably poisoned" hypothesis...
A couple of months ago I discussed having idiopathic dysgeusia, a benign condition associated with middle age in which everything tastes bad and funny. One of the hypotheses floated originally was posioning, that somehow I had encountered something that damaged the inside of my mouth.

But then it got worse, and I saw another doctor who sent me to my dentist. He was able to say, "It look like desquamative gingivitis, which happens at your age. I'm sending you to a specialist."

So I saw the specialist today. By now, the condition has almost completely cleared up. Everything tastes normal, I can enjoy spicy foods again, I'm no longer suffering "mechanical damage" (i.e. chapping from constantly probing at the weirdness in my mouth). There's a slight hesitancy at the tip of my tounge, but that's about it. The specialist is back to thinking it was poisoning, but we can't pinpoint what.

He basically said if it comes back, take pictures, document the hell out of everything I ate, drank or tasted that week, and make another appointment.

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