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Yet another moral panic, sigh... - Elf M. Sternberg
Yet another moral panic, sigh...
Usually, JStor isn't a place where I have much truck, but Kate Bielamowicz's America's Workforce Runs On Narcotic Stimulants hits me where I live. She keeps using the term "narcotic," and I'm not sure what she means by it: "narcotic" has two meanings, the first of which means not prescribed, the second of which means opiate-related. Since she's describing prescription stimulants, I can only conclude that her use of the term narcotic is a perjorative: she's trying to link the readers' minds an unwarranted connection between stimulant overprescription and the current opiod addiction crisis, which is claiming a lot of lives.

I can't speak for people who take amphetamines recreationally, or for those who get it off-label.

But I take Dextroamphetamine IR for my ADHD. I have fought my entire freakin' life with this condition, and to say it doesn't occur in adults is to deny my lived experience. I take 5mg, once a day, with breakfast, and it actually allows me to function as a human being. Since I've started taking it, I have actually started to complete a number of important projects that have languished for years.

I have a prescription. It's hard to get that prescription filled; it's a Class-I substance, which means I have to drive to the doctor, have a check-in, get a hand-written prescription, drive to the pharmacy, and wait for them to get it in. I can't fax it, I can't have it called in. I have to be present at each and every step of the transaction and present ID for it.

The number one effect of it has been the alleviation of frustration. I'm not longer constantly mad at myself for being a failure, for being unable to finish things, for being so damned incapable of calming down my hyperactive, overly talkative, ooooh-shiny! brain.

So don't make me angry. I'm pretty pathetic when I'm angry. And Bielamowicz's article seems determined to try and stir up a new moral scare, one that will make me angry.

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gipsieee From: gipsieee Date: June 3rd, 2016 04:24 am (UTC) (Link)
Dexedrine is a C-2. C-1 drugs have no accepted medical uses are are not available in pharmacies at all.

MANY people incorrectly identify all C-2 drugs as narcotics. They fail to realize that the pain meds (narcotics) and the "school supplies" (ADD meds, stimulants, amphetamines) are both in the safe but are two completely different types of medications. This drives me nuts at work on a regular basis.
gipsieee From: gipsieee Date: June 3rd, 2016 04:27 am (UTC) (Link)
And it looks like you weren't the only one bothered by the imprecision because the article is now titled "America's workforce runs on uppers"
gipsieee From: gipsieee Date: June 3rd, 2016 04:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Your doctor could mail you the prescription. And they are allowed to write 3 months supply at a time, either as 1 90-day rx, or as 3 separate 30-day rxs. It doesn't solve the annoyance of having to drop it off in person, but it eliminates one stop on the errand chain.
Caveat, that is federal, your state's law may be more restrictive.
sirfox From: sirfox Date: June 3rd, 2016 04:41 am (UTC) (Link)
It's not a New Moral Scare, just the same tired old one in a new hat.

It's an unfortunate reality that there's a small percentage of humanity that Just Can't Fucking Help but get their nose into somebody else's business and tell them The Right Way they Ought to be doing things.

For some it's fiery pulpit bashers denouncing the latest culture war wedge issue.
For others, it's modern-day prohibitionism like your new friend Kate, be it your medication or his vape pen or her antidepressants.
And for a select few, a seat on the board of the neighborhood Home Association to justify snooping (inspecting) and writing nastygrams and fines with quiet glee.

Justified Outrage is a powerful drug... aaaand as humans, we're just *great* at twisting our brains into pretzels to justify the next outrage.
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