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"The Leftist Sexual Anarchy Pimps." - Elf M. Sternberg
"The Leftist Sexual Anarchy Pimps."
This morning on the ten-minute drive to the P&R, I flipped through the right wing radio stations, and I stopped on one and heard the phrase "Leftist sexual anarchy pimps." I had to stop. The host went on:
These people, these people, they get their hooks into the gays and into people whose life experiences lead them to believe they might be transgender, and they promise them things. "We'll get you gay marriage," they say, "But in return, you have to give us something. You have to support us on our issues, like Planned Parenthood, and gun control, and Marxism." That's what the sexual left does. They use vulnerable people without ever giving them a chance to make their own decisions.
There's a special hilarity in the right wing meme that gay people are not somehow already fully woke to the greater political issues surrounding them. The gay community's association with progressive policies has nothing to do with a blind tit-for-tat and everything to do with the essential nature of the gay community— a nature moulded in part by the very right wing trying to tempt them out of their liberality.

The history of American homosexuality after WW2 is urbane: the cities were where gay people moved to, where they find a community, where they found work and love and friendship and everything else. Without the Internet, the only way to be gay was to move to a city, preferably a bigger one, one where the webs of information were dense and the chance of picking out a strand about you and your wants and needs was much higher.

I can't speak for rural communities; I've only one, and that only briefly. But in cities, we know something: we know more guns, more death. The evidence on this is incontrovertible, and the Harvard School of Public Health has done a yeoman's job of assembling the evidence in the face of enormous Congressional pressure to ignore the problem. Under the enormous pressure of ongoing familial and societal pressure, queer people experience depression and commit suicide much more often than straights; a gun in the home increases the likelihood of successfully carrying through on a suicidal impulse by a factor of 30!. The vast majority of gay people are for gun control because widespread availability of guns is killing the gay community much faster than the straight community.

Planned Parenthood is another canard. For the right, Planned Parenthood equals "abortion," which is all they know, and all they believe they need to know. But for people who actually live in cities, Planned Parenthood's clinical visits are 3% abortion. The rest is sexual health and family planning: contraception, cancer screening, sexually transmitted infection detection and treatment. Of course the gay community supports Planned Parenthood: the war against Planned Parenthood is another tactic in the right's war to kill gay people.

Marxism? Shit, not even Marxists believe in Marx's prescriptions any more. As for his diagnosis? Well, spot fucking on.

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