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The Neighbors Are Leaving... - Elf M. Sternberg
The Neighbors Are Leaving...
For sixteen years, Omaha and I have been blessed with amazing neighbors to the west. We were initially skeptical, as they were one of those families with their church and seven children, with one more obviously on the way even as we moved in. They're the sort of people that subscribe to one of those video managing services that pre-reads a commercial DVD and cuts out all the "bad" parts. (Raen reports that the nudist colony scene from Zootopia completely disappeared.)

But they were awesome people. Helpful, friendly, and always willing to split the difference when our fence needed mending or the drainage was becoming an issue. They and we had a great working relationship about making sure the trash cans were out on the curb on Thursday nights, and worked together to deal with ants, wasps, and racoons that were harassing the neighborhood.

They're moving. The patriarch has a job in St. Louis waiting, and this Friday the house is closed up, and next week new people start looking at their beautiful split-level with bedrooms. At least three of the children are now old enough to stay behind in Seattle with their own jobs and their own lives but they won't be coming around the old neighborhood anymore. The two young women with whom Raen and Storm grew up will be going to St. Louis.

The house to the east has been a mixed bag: five families in all those years, starting with the gay couple and their stereotypically beautiful landscape, then the Polish immigrants with their hard work ethic and politically incorrect views, the Ferals, the Rastas, and now a nice family with too many big cars and one small toddler. I'm hoping the new residents to the west have a little more stability, and a little less craziness, than that.

And while I like our house, I'm not in love with it. It was a great tool for bringing up daughters, but it's far from the city, it's still automobile territory, and it's a lot of house to keep up. Maybe when Raen reaches majority and post high-school, we'll try to find something closer to the city. The gods know we have the equity now.

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