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"Goverment should be run like a business!" It WAS, until... - Elf M. Sternberg
"Goverment should be run like a business!" It WAS, until...
"The government should be run like a business!"

For eight years, we had a government run like a business. A business's mission is to make a profit before everything else, but a government's mission is different. A government's charter is to provide the foundation on which its citizens and businesses can thrive. You know, "To provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty."

To succeed, both require exceptionally talented, exceptionally detail-oriented people making the best decisions they can, always with both eyes on the mission, with the best information they can possibly get.

We had that.

We're about to find out what it's like when we don't.


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sirfox From: sirfox Date: November 23rd, 2016 10:10 pm (UTC) (Link)

What's Profit?

Personal Opinion: the Pro-Business/GOPmostly crowd gets away with a lot of arguments, decisions, and policies favoring privatization of public institutions by claiming that they're just Money Sinks, and Entitlements, as if there's no return on the investment.

In a strict accounting sense, yeah, sure these programs don't exactly generate revenue directly* back to pay for themselves. As Terry Pratchett put it in Going Postal:

"But the clacks was a big, cumbersome monster of a thing, too many towers, too many people, too much effort. There had to be a way of making it better and sleeker and cheaper . . . or maybe it was something so big that no one could run it at a profit. Maybe it was like the Post Office, maybe the profit turned up spread around the whole of society."

That's harder to measure, yet it doesn't take a lot of thinking to see the problems involved in comparing a State-run prison, where the primary goal is rehabilitation of the inmates, versus a private for-profit prison, where the primary goal is pocketing as many state dollars per prisoner as possible to Maximize Shareholder Value. In this case, rehabilitation is expensive, and Recidivism is actually a Business Model. The whole "3 strikes = life in prison" push was from for-profit incarceration companies.

It's hard to argue why the latter is better than the former, yet that's the push, with prisons, health care, education, transportation, it just goes on, and nobody with a Loud Enough Voice is standing up and saying, No, It's Morally Wrong When millions, Billions? of dollars of our tax money goes into Corporate Pockets, derived from pain, suffering, and treating human beings like warehoused animals.

Good luck for the next four years. My own personal Best Case scenario is that Trump will be handed incontrovertable proof that the GOP is trying to go around him/ get him impeached so Pence can take the helm, and they can spend the next few years A-feudin' and A-fightin' amongst themselves.

*Indirectly, giving money to the poor is the best economic stimulus for the whole economy, bar none, but who has time for facts?
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