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Dr. Grace, Authoritarian Triumphalist Deceiver - Elf M. Sternberg
Dr. Grace, Authoritarian Triumphalist Deceiver
There is no purer expression of the low-minded pseudo-Christian authoritarian triumphalism of the right on the radio at this moment than Dr. Grace Vutuo. This morning, she said:
Donald Trump, do not participate in the rehabilitation of Al Gore! You don't need him. A revolution will come into existence around you. Celebrities will flock to kiss your ring. I believe your election will change the culture. People bow down to power! You'll have all the people you need. … Al Gore and people like him should be left to wander in the wilderness.
Her next segment was about how a hotel chain had decided to remove Bibles from their rooms, and she went on a rant about how "Atheists and Muslims know the truth within them, and that's why the Bible has to go. It reminds them of the lie they're living!"

In one hour, we have the classic apologetic, "All people know MY religion is the truth, they're lying if they say otherwise, and my religion happens to be Christianity," the classic demonization tactic that allows religionist authoritarians to harass and immiserate anyone who doesn't fall into their line, and we also have a blatant, ugly worship of power and authority. If she really believes the short-fingered, gold-flecked vulgarian expresses anything at all that Jesus represented, well, cognitive dissonance is easy when power has flooded your brain cells.

She said a lot of other things, about how Trump's presidency will "unleash prosperity" (I'll believe it when I see it; George W. said the same thing and I ended up unemployed and spent $36,000 of my savings to keep my wife alive until the Affordable Care Act came along), and how she was "old-fashioned" and Trump should insist his wife move into the White House with him, rather than his daughter, as was recently announced. She said that her listening audience was smarter than the so-called "immigration vetters," as a committee of ten of her listeners would have done a better job of keeping the Tsarnevs and Mateens out of this country." Because, of course, her listeners would only let in white, Christian people.

It's a mish-mash of nothing but contempt for anything other than the deepest, ugliest of American impulses: whiteness, masculinity, authority, and power, all with a Christian sheen that serves only to divide, not to unite, and has nothing at all to do with the duty to "Heal the sick, educate the orphan, relieve the impoverished, succor the widow, and bury the dead."

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