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Superagers and those opposed - Elf M. Sternberg
Superagers and those opposed
I had to drive into work this morning, so AM Radio it was. 770 KVI is Rush Limbaugh's channel, but before he's on they have a "morning drive" show with two clowns who aren't quite as crazy as most right wing talk show hosts.

This morning, the hosts were talking about the recent article on superagers, people who remain mentally fit and vibrant in their 70s and 80s. It turns out the secret to retaining your brain's faculties as you age is to exercise your brain, hard. Like, for hours on end doing things that suck. The practices that make your brain better and stronger "are not inherently enjoyable."

One of the hosts objected. "Wait, wait, I worked hard my entire life so that I could sit back and retire. So I could hire someone else to do that work. And that's the whole point of working hard, so you can relax!"

The other host said, "Yeah, well, your brain's gonna get thin if you do that."

"But I don't need it anymore! Why do I care?"

That... just seems like such a weird attitude. I mean, I get that now that once you've got age, experience and (presumably) enough money to retire, you don't have to do the scutwork; you don't have to engage in the repetitious, dilatory bullroar work that characterizes most of our current economic life. But that just means you've got the foundation to do more, to move higher, to step outside the comfort zone of your work and teach to others, seek out new modes of expressing what it is to which you've dedicated your life's work, and expand the circle of knowledge and human reach.

Anything else, and you've already declared yourself to be a waste.

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mejeep From: mejeep Date: January 5th, 2017 05:27 am (UTC) (Link)
Some of my neighbors are in their upper 80s and 90s. Some are still REALY 'with it", others are suffering the usual way: memory loss, hard to walk, etc.

I'd LIKE to think it's something you can control, since it really sucks to be told "it's the roll of the dice of your DNA". But what of identical twins that don't age quite the same?
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