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Washington State will be in Republican hands in 2020 - Elf M. Sternberg
Washington State will be in Republican hands in 2020
Of all the legendarily blue states predicted to fall to the GOP in the coming years, no one would have believed that Washington State would be among them. Few even considered the possibility that reliably liberal Washington would fall under the GOP's sway and yet, I predict that's exactly what's about to happen.

Over the past couple of weeks, internal party district level votes have been taking place to see who runs the institutional Democratic party. Both parties are essentially clubs designed to support their interests, and their interests are politicians and legislation that support their causes. To join the Democratic Party in whole you have to go to meetings, pay dues, and do all the other things that you do when you join any other fraternal organization. The organization is arranged as districts aligned with the districts of the state-level legislators we support and send to Olympia. Districts are the proving grounds for people to show their mettle as organizers and wonks, either to move up in the party or to garner support for their run at a seat of government, and every two years the districts vote to see who'll be the chair, vice-chair, secretary, etc.

Despite red-heavy eastern Washington, the majority of our citizens live along the I-5 corridor from Everett to Olympia, and they overwhelmingly vote for urban, liberal interests. It's only the distribution of districts by territory that gives the Washington State GOP its lopsided authority over the legislature, but it also explains why the governorship is typically in Democratic hands.

Throughout the bitter campaign season, Washington State was one of those fever-dreams of Bernie Sanders fans. Bernie supporters unfamiliar with party dynamics, Roberts Rules of Order, or even mere civil decorum, flooded the Democratic general membership meetings. The Sanders supporters were enraged when he lost, and that rage and bitterness was fueled by reports that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton. It was further inflamed by rumors (and only rumors) that the DNC sabotaged Bernie's chances.

Now that the election is over, Washington's Democratic "blue corridor" is undergoing its own reorganization, rewarding those people who best led the party to its own victories in the state, the legislature and, yes, even at the national level. Right?


The Washington State GOP cannot believe what is happening to the Washington State Democratic party this week. They keep hoping no one will pinch them and wake them up from their fantastic dream. In a fit of madness beyond their wildest hopes, the Democratic I-5 corridor is self-destructing. Bernie supporters are flooding memberships and voting out everyone who supported Hillary Clinton, Jay Inslee, and every other Democrat who won a seat somewhere in Washington State. They've announched they're going to change the district-level organizational rules to be "more fair" (sound familiar)?

The 2018 elections are pretty damn critical. They're the elections that decide who will be in power when the 2020 census is taken. They're the elections that decide who will be in power when the state carves up its electoral districts, as every 10 years the census reveals population change and drift.

The Washington State Democratic party of 2018 will be in complete disarray; the Sanders people will be leaving in disgust that change isn't happening or fast enough, because they were new to the process and many of them don't understand what "the long haul" of politics is really like. The glad-handing narcissists who step into the power vacuum and promise to guide them to the promised land will stop really working their leadership positions as power and prestige leech away. Even if the state leadership retains some semblance of sanity, many of the districts will be playing "Resistance" to both the GOP and the Democrats, taking their votes and supporting and going home. It doesn't take many of them; if even one in ten screws with the organization, that's a lot of support that's about to disappear.

Meanwhile, expect the GOP to pour lots of green fuel into this fire. This chaos gives them the opening they want, and they'd be fools to let it go. They'll do everything they can to distract us: anti-gay legislation, anti-union legislation, reductions to urban support without concomittant reductions of urban taxation. They'll try their damndest to keep each segment of the broad coalition known as "democracy" focused on their issues, to the neglect of the coalition itself.

Just in case, you know, you had hope for sanity.

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en_ki From: en_ki Date: January 17th, 2017 09:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
Pretty serious Berniecrat here, and my wife is one of the newly elected party officials you're complaining about. What specific things would you like to go differently?
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