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Lying is a sin, Denis - Elf M. Sternberg
Lying is a sin, Denis
This morning, as I was driving back from a dental appointment, I heard Denis Prager on the right wing radio. Nordstroms had announced that it was pulling the Ivanka Trump line of clothing out of its stores. The reason they gave was that sales of the Trump brand had declined 40% since the election, and that it was purely a business decision.

Prager, in that voice that I imagine he believes is rabbinically soothing, but is to me merely droll and smug, proclaimed that "Conservatives would never do this. Conservatives have principles. We may disagree with the president, but we know that the sins of the father shall not be visited upon the children. We would never go after the president's kids this way."

Hey Denis, remember this?
Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is the father.
That was one of the most popular "jokes" of conservatives during the Clinton administration, told over and over again, repeated an nauseum. It was "funny" because it punched down (and conservatives love to punch down) at women, at unattractive people, at lesbians, at trans people, and at the daughter of president conservatives loathed.

Who was a high school kid. She was twelve when Bill Clinton became president. Remember that?

Let's review. Ivanka Trump is a grown woman of 36 years. Chelsea Clinton was twelve. Ivanka Trump has her own line of clothes. Chelsea Clinton was in seventh grade. Ivanka Trump makes business deals with department stores. Chelsea Clinton was mastering algebra and punctuation. Ivanka Trump, like her stepmother, trades and profits, to the tune of millions of dollars, from the Trump brand. Chelsea Clinton was just starting to figure out how to date boys.

Nordstrom made a business decision. Conservatives hated on a teenage girl.

The latter wasn't a deal-breaker for Denis Prager.

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sirfox From: sirfox Date: February 9th, 2017 07:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, now that Kellyanne Conway's clearly violated federal laws by promoting ivanka's business interests FROM THE WHITE HOUSE BRIEFING ROOM in a Fox News interview and it can be a criminal case... well not a goddamned thing is probably going to happen. It Should, but I have no expectation of accountability coming within sniffing distance of this administration for a while.

Let's stop for a moment and calibrate our sense of perspective, Had Hillary or Obama so much as had a spokesbeing MENTION a bake sale their daughters' school was having, the GOP poutrage would have gone on for weeks, with screams for resignations and threats of hearings.

But hey, rules don't matter anymore, right? I'm not hearing those patriotic GOP screams for investigations and hearings on the botched Yemen raid that killed a US soldier, an american girl, and countless Yemeni Civilians, while failing to kill or catch the guy they wanted. Three weeks in, he's already botched something worse than Benghazi, and the GOP silence on the issue is both Telling and Deafening.

I am seriously hating this new season of The Apprentice.
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