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Beaten, Bruised, Scratched, and Inspired - Elf M. Sternberg
Beaten, Bruised, Scratched, and Inspired
Can you freaking believe it? Asia, the ubergroup from the 1980's, has released a new album. My first reaction is, "But... aren't they dead?" Hah. Too bad they still sound exactly the same as they did twenty years ago. Powerful, skillful guitars, great vocals, incredible technical... and it's still Emerson, Lake and Prozac.

Omaha and I went to the 'Spot last night for some quality time away from the children. I had a lot of fun; we met up with some friends there and a friend of mine and I decided to duel with NERF™ bats. We got a couple of good ones in; my right thigh and left bicep are aching. Somewhere in the action, the tip of his bat came off, exposing the underlying sharp plastic, and I got a nasty scratch on my left arm from it. But all in all, good fun.

I also watched Omaha and another woman wrestle for a while. As sights go, watching Omaha grimace in determination is a scary one. There wasn't that much eye candy about... except for this one woman, cute, young, with a fabulous full ass that just glistened. Of course, Omaha's ass was the hit of the evening in a tight, butch pair of cutoffs that left nothing to the imagination.

Omaha beat me up with a trio of floggers. She's pretty good with them, but has an annoying technique. It's effective... I was giggly and silly and very happy afterwards, but in the middle of it I had these raging "Damn that bitch!" sensation everytime she picked up the heaviest flogger, the sledgehammer. (Note to self: put my name on Sledgehammer's handle.)

We went into the "back room" and fucked like crazy in the sling. I discovered that those hand-cleaning gels are completely useless for getting the stickiness of lube off one's hand, and Astroglide may be terrible for sodomy but it works well otherwise.

Ah, this is all more than you probably wanted to know, eh? Still, given the posts I used to make on Usenet, there's no reason to suddenly try and wander back into the closet.

I woke up early this morning and immediately put on a shirt; I'd rather not have to explain the bruises on my shoulders to the girls if I don't have to. It's not something I want to have to explain to them. I tidied up the kitchen (our trip last night was rather last minute and crammed into an otherwise full day) and made pancakes. We used the fresh-picked blueberries from the scrub field to the east of our subdivision. Yummy. I had to finish quickly and go drive the babysitter, who had crashed in our guest room, over to an appointment she had in the morning.

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Current Music: Asia, What About Love?

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