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The weekend. - Elf M. Sternberg
The weekend.
Saturday, Omaha and I rose late, ate breakfast, did a little routine housework. I finished packaging away the last turkey broth-- eight quarts, enough to make lots of soup. Kouryou-chan and I played another round of Monopoly Junior, and then we all packed up and headed over to j5nn5r and Desirae's house for a quiet evening of more turkey and stuffing. There were lots of wonderful people there whose names I don't have permission to post, but we ate a lot of bird, had a lot of good conversation, had quiet moments in the hot tub, enjoyed a lot of authentic rum-laden egg-nog.

We even played a few rounds of Halo 2, which I discovered I cannot stand on the X-Box. How do you people put up with that ridiculous controller? There's no one-to-one relationship between your muscle movement and on-screen action. It would drive me nuts!

Sunday, we were lazy. We did paperwork, some housework, some grocery shopping. Nothing big. Omaha made delicious blini's for breakfast. Spent a lot of time reading with Kouryou-chan. She's working her way through a Beatrix Potter collection, in the original. We keep trying to get her involved in Alice in Wonderland, but it's hard to do, it's a bit over her head.

"Chessi doesn't like caterpillars!"

Can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow.

Oh, and a note for aspiring game developers: if your "upgrade" necessitates starting the game over and you don't tell me that, I'm going to be mighty pissed off.

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