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The weekend comes - Elf M. Sternberg
The weekend comes
I gave the kids leftovers last night, and of course they both went for the macaroni and cheese. I had some leftover thai shrimp and rice. I gave them both a bath and washed their hair, and Yamaarash-chan and I spent some time working on her final assignment homework. She had brought it over two weeks ago and we'd started it; when she came over last night she was mostly where she'd left off. It's a "What is in South Africa" for 2nd graders: what do they eat, what games do they play, and so forth. Two weeks ago I'd shown her the CIA World Factbook and the World Almanac and the Time Atlas of the World and we'd done the flag and a couple of other things together. Her mother's girlfriend had helped her fill in the name of the capital city. But everything else was undone. We did the foods last night, and in fact I may make one of them for dinner this night (A kind of shepherd's pie with ground lamb and minced fruit.)

I read to them a couple of books. There was one we'd gotten from the library, Carousel by Liz Rosenberg, that just blew me away. There are moments when you realize you're in the presence of someone whose writing you will never match, and Ms. Rosenberg did that to me. There is not a line wasted, not a misplaced adjective or verb, not a false note, not a maudlin moment to this hurtling, beautiful, incredible story of two girls, a cold rainy night in the park, and a broken down carousel. She writes only teen fiction (including, apparently, a Lambda-award winner) but wow, her command of the language is so powerful I was just in awe.

I just had to praise her. Everyone seems to rant about the art, which is quite good, but it was the writing that stuck with me.

Today, Omaha is still sick. I've become quite the connoisseur of cold medicines, picking and choosing among psuedoephedrine, dextromothorphan, gaufenesin, various antihistamines and pain releievers, looking for just the right combination for what I or Omaha or the kids have.

I made the kids pancakes which turned out pretty good. They're playing now, quietly, and Omaha is resting once more. I have to go and do laundry soon, now that the dishes are all away.

Oh, and I figured out what's different about my computer. I put the DVD burner on the same IDE channel and the CD burner, rather than share the DVD channel with a hard drive. Since the IDE channel is only doing one thing at a time, there are no interrupts screwing up the performance. That and the 2.6.9 kernel, which has some bugfixes in the IDE handler, have really fixed things. Now if only I can get the damned scanner working...

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