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If it's not one thing - Elf M. Sternberg
If it's not one thing
I never did get much sleep last night. Omaha was miserable for most of the night; we sat outside in the cold, misty air, which made her coughing stop long enough we decided to implement it in out bedroom: open windows, heater vents closed. It was freezing. Although I slept well when I was sleeping, I was awakened repeatedly by Omaha's coughing and Kouryou-chan's coughing. The latter, fortunately, responded well to cough medicine, but Omaha's cough didn't respond to any treatment other than cold mist.

This morning, I took Omaha to the emergency room on the advice of the insurance company nurse. She was miserable and unable to sleep, and this morning she woke up with a rash all up and down her arms and legs. According to the inserts for her epilepsy medicines, she's supposed to go to the ER whenever that happens. So that's where she is now. I hope she's okay. I've fed the kids leftover pancakes and am trying to get caffeinated, but it's not working. Later this afternoon I have to take them to the library so Yamaarashi-chan can finish her homework.

I hope Omaha's okay. She'll call me when she knows anything.

So, I decided to try Hero Machine, and create my inner hero. Note the Clue Stick (also good for pointing things out during presentations), and the Brass Knuckles of First Principle. In fact, what a great name for a superhero: First Principle.

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Current Music: The Lithium Project, The Many Worlds Theory

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