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[Anime] Kannaduki no Miko - Elf M. Sternberg
[Anime] Kannaduki no Miko
So, I watched two episodes of Kannaduki No Miko tonight, and I can't decide if I'm going to watch any more of it or not. I mean, it's... well... It's Maria-sama ga Miteru meets Big O. It's about two girls at a private high school, one very dorky and ordinary, one very elegant and top-of-her-class, who secretly meet every day in the rose garden to have lunch together, and it seems to be headed in that yuri direction, complete with a male love rival who's also mad for said dorky girl, until giant mecha, piloted by a hottie in colorful fetishy nunware and glasses, shows up and starts blowing everything away. The male love rival suddenly shows up in his own mecha and joins the cheerfully destructive nun until he realizes that his target is his love, and then he turns on the other mecha.

At this point, my brain is going "What the flamin'..."

So, in episode two, the elegant girl (Chikane) performs a ritual seen in countless Kourosawa films as she spends a cold Autumn night out at the well, trying to wash away her unnatural desires, but it doesn't work. We get some bizarre story about how the two women are the reincarnation of two priestesses destined to save the world, and the mecha are the current incarnations of evil beings out to stop them.

It's bizarre, it looks like fun, I've got all three hours of it, and in one brief scene we get some dialogue with the other villains-- one of whom is a manga artist, one a fading pop star, and one a catgirl! Can't beat that with a stick. It's predictable-- Hmm, twelve episodes, opener, seven possibly eight villains, a filler or two, big two-ep finale, yeah. Braincandy. But hey, lesbians and mecha. It's going to be silly fun. I'll watch it.

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