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Sigh. Does everything have to break at once? - Elf M. Sternberg
Sigh. Does everything have to break at once?
So, just a week after my Palm suffers irrecoverable brain damage and I have to rebuild its internal database by hand and from memory, my Archos starts acting up. It shuts down at random, and won't remember where it left off. All of its configuration details got reset.

Fortunately, the batteries are easily available at any electronics store, and a quick look through google tells me that when the batteries become unreliable, the system becomes very sensitive to the dips and surges that go with that. I don't know when the batteries in there were manufactured, but if they're more than two years old-- very possible, given that the Archos is that old and the one I picked up is obsoleted stock that was being sold off firesale-- they're ready candidates for replacement. I've picked up some new ones, and hopefully tomorrow morning it'll be just like when I bought it.

I do worry, because I have dropped the unit once and there is a hairline crack on the top. But that hadn't seemed to intefere with it. Here's hoping.

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