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Evening with Kouryou-chan - Elf M. Sternberg
Evening with Kouryou-chan
Omaha came by my office around six in the evening. She had a class that night and needed to hand Kouryou-chan off to me, so we all trouped from my office over to the car, belted in and hurtled to the college, skirting the downtown which was completely socked in with protestors. Kouryou-chan fell asleep during the ride there and slept the entire trip home. Not good, as I needed her to go to bed on time. I had not slept well the night before-- bad dreams and a bad stomach, the latter, I suspect, from a dubious bottle of Snapple that tasted odd.

When we got home, waking her from her nap was a trial. She whined and complained a little, but eventually she was awake. Since it was late, I offered to make a simple dinner: hot dogs and french fries. She readily agreed. While the fries baked and the dogs boiled we sat together and she showed me how to make a little decoration she'd learned at school with two sticks and a strand of colored twine, turning the sticks into a plus and then weaving the twine back and forth into a pattern. It was very pretty.

After a quiet dinner sitting together-- and she actually finished her hot dog-- we shared some ice cream. She had the raspberry sorbet in a cone. Then it was bath time. She very seriously showed me the scrape on her chin where she and a boy had collided and fallen to the sidewalk at school, and I held up my little shaving mirror so she could wash her face without touching the injury.

I think, when Kouryou-chan is tired, her brain misfires. I mean, that's true of everyone, but for Kouryou-chan the signs of exhaustion are a kind of hyperactivity and an inability to stay attentive. Because she was not tired last night, and bath time and reading time were very easy. She was nice to be around. We read a whole bunch of books and even sang songs from a Disney "Pooh" collection ("Pooh" in quotes there).

She was even easy to put to bed. But not to sleep. An hour later, around 10:30, she came crawling into my bed. "Daddy, my music's over." So, I let her sleep on Omaha's side of the bed, putting a pillow vertically between us to discourage her from rolling up and kicking or kneeing me, which she frequently does when she's dreaming. She did finally fall asleep after a bit of tossing and turning. And I got to sleep as well.

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