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Disagreeing with Charlie - Elf M. Sternberg
Disagreeing with Charlie
Charlie Stross wrote:
Just as nothing diminishes one's appetite for reading fiction as the job of writing it, so too it should be noted that nothing diminishes one's ability to blog quite as much as being elbow-deep in the guts of a novel.
I have to humbly disagree. It is exactly when I am on a writing jag and, as one friend put it, "freakishly prolific" (although by Cthulhu, Charlie has me beat by a mile, and it was humbling to realize that Robin Hobb's Liveship series, which I read recently, was about equal to my first decade's output!) that my hunger for reading goes up. Research is my favorite excuse to cat vacuum, but I just love to see how other writers "do it" while I'm writing a work in the same genre.

Although, truthfully, how much of a genre is it when I describe my latest gonzo idea as "a blend of Dorthy Dunnett historicity, China Mieville grittiness, and shoujo-ai sensibility?"

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