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Yamaarashi-chan's eyes - Elf M. Sternberg
Yamaarashi-chan's eyes
Well, for those of you who have met Yamaarashi-chan you may have noticed that her left eye has a tendency to wander. I've described in the past her surgery to have the muscle overgrowth corrected and for the past year she's been getting therapy, both eye-patch and daily vision exercises.

It was my turn to take her up to her doctor's appointment. I had risen at six, showered and driven over there to pick her up by 7:15. That gave us 75 minutes to get there which is probably a safe bet, since I would have to fight may through both Seattle and Microsoft morning rush traffic. Listening to the traffic reports, I plotted a course through the industrial section, then across the bigger floating bridge, and up to Redmond. I made it with a half-hour to spare, so we stopped at Starbucks where she had a donut and I had a coffee. Mmmm, coffee. Not my brand, but xanthine is xanthine. We also stopped at the Great Harvest bread company next door and picked up a loaf of honey wheat. Yum.

Her eye doctor had moved into new digs in the same building, and her doctor wasn't there that day. We were seeing someone else instead. I've seen Yamaarashi-chan take eye drops before, but for some reason when the nurse came to give her the dilation drops she just freaked out. Wouldn't let the nurse do it. It took a lot of coaxing to convince her but she eventually did let the nurse put the drops into her eyes. She then curled up in my lap and we waited for the doctor.

We waited for an hour. The nurse had left Shreck playing on the video screen they use for testing so we could watch it. We'd gotten just up to the point where Shreck and Donkey are arguing over Fiona when the movie suddenly jumped back to the end of the rescue scene. I was annoyed; weren't we going to get to see the ending? Yamaarashi-chan spent the time cuddled in my lap, but even she noticed when the audio changed.

Finally, the doctor came. She ran Yamaarashi-chan through her tests and the results were good. Her eye-turn is much less, and she can be dropped down to an hour a day of patching plus the usual exercises. She recommended against atropine therapy at this point because it's hard to craft an atropine dose that's for less than four hours at a time, but at least I asked.

She gave Yamaarashi-chan a coupon good for a cookie back at Great Harvest and sunglasses. When we got to the car, her sunglasses didn't fit, but the light was too bright. I gave her a pair I had in my glove box, leftovers from a sales conference we had at work entitled, gag, "The Future's So Bright...", and they fit her. Even looked good on her.

We drove back to Seattle and I dropped her off at school, then headed over to work, putting my Japanese lesson #64 on the Jukebox.

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sarekofvulcan From: sarekofvulcan Date: February 11th, 2005 03:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Cool. Glad to hear everything's going well.
mathochist From: mathochist Date: February 12th, 2005 03:07 am (UTC) (Link)
her doctor wasn't there that day. We were seeing someone else instead.

I'm confused by this. You know that she's seen both doctors several times -- the one she saw this week more often than the other. I didn't think either one of them was more "her doctor" than the other.

You didn't tell me she had her eyes dilated. Or anything about atropine, whatever that is.
elfs From: elfs Date: February 12th, 2005 05:11 am (UTC) (Link)
The news got to you anyway. By the time you picked her up from school, the course of the dialation would have ended. Do you want to know what other instruments they used to check her? I'm sure I could come up with an incomplete list. As for the atropine, I told you months ago that I intended to ask the doctor about atropine eyedrop therapy. The query came to nothing. Do you tell me about every alternative therapy or course of treatment you inquire about, even if you don't go through with it?

mathochist From: mathochist Date: February 14th, 2005 12:54 am (UTC) (Link)
Do you want to know what other instruments they used to check her?

Only if they're unusual. Dilation is not usually part of her exam. It's not routine.

I don't remember anything about atropine, and yes, if I was considering asking a doctor about some sort of drug treatment or uncomfortable therapy for her, then I would discuss it with you first.

By the way, she likes the new dentist, has no cavities this time, but she does need to start flossing as well as brushing. I'll send some of the prescription toothpaste over -- she needs supervision with that to make sure she uses the tiniest bit, brushes her gumline well, and doesn't swallow any. She should use that just at night, regular toothpaste in the morning.
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