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Monday: Second-hand clothes. - Elf M. Sternberg
Monday: Second-hand clothes.
We were thinking about going to Folklife today, but decided that we'd burned out a bit and were just going to sit around the house and do housework. Omaha spent most of the day working on her company and doing the household financials; I changed bedsheets, tidied the upstairs, and vacuumed up every square inch of the carpet.

We went out to a second hand store to get Yamaarashi-chan some clothes, since her current collection is either too small for her or worn out. Five things you should never buy new: a house, a car, CDs and DVDs, musical instruments, and kids clothing. For $25 we got an entire wardrobe that both fits her and looks great. I found a Microsoft Sidewinder Dualshock for $1.50, and I figure I can use it to play some games, and lend it to the kids so they can do head-to-head Sonic The Hedgehog when they want.

After we dropped Yamaarashi-chan back off at her mother's house, Omaha had to head over to the mall so she could consult with a Mac Geek at the Geek Store to get her authentication chain fixed. The consultation ran long and Kouryou-chan and I ended up eating cheap pizza at the food court. Yech. But she's happy now.

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slfisher From: slfisher Date: June 2nd, 2005 05:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
I am *totally* with you on kids' clothes. I get almost all of Maggie's clothes as hand-me-downs, freecycle, garage sales, used kids' stores, Goodwill, etc. About the only things I buy new are underwear (hard to find used, plus I sort of squick on buying used underwear -- oops, she prefers 'panties'), socks (because it's hard to tell used what size they are), some shoes (because they can be hard to find used), and *occasionally* some other clothes, like ski pants last year (Walmart, about $8), and a bathing suit last year (on sale at the Gap, I think it was), because they can be hard to find used.

I get a ton of stuff for a buck or two each, and if she doesn't like it or it doesn't fit well or it gets stained or ripped, I don't have to stress about it. Best of all, I don't have to go into *stores* -- I hit the used clothing stores once or twice a season, grab everything in her size that I like and I think she'll like, and I'm *out* of there.
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