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Well, that's a little bit better - Elf M. Sternberg
Well, that's a little bit better
I've gotten two things done: I've gotten my pink-and-white theme back, somewhat, although there are still things I want to do with the page, and I've gotten my emacs Livejournal client to post with tags. So, all in all, it's been a successful day, geek-wise. And hey, that was my first time ever hacking elisp. I'm pleased to see that it went so well.

I'm so happy that they've chosen to put tags in, although it would take me forever to update the tags on a given post. There has to be an LJ protocol for changing the tags on a post you've made, right? Not that I want to go through the approximately 445,000 words of LJ posts I've made so far and tag them all.

(Set and Osiris, is it really 445,000 words, not counting comments on other people's blogs? I guess so.)

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Current Music: Steve Reich, Desert Music, Movement Five

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