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Porn, Sleazy and Pretty - Elf M. Sternberg
Porn, Sleazy and Pretty
It's 4:30 in the morning and I'm still awake. Why? Because I'm having an allergy fit and my back is still screaming at me that I drank too much water before going to bed and waited too long to get up and relieve myself.

Godzilla and Lucille, my nicknames for the neighbor's dogs (a black-and-tan half Rotweiller, a black-and-tan half Chihuahua-- you make the connection), are blissfully, finally silent. We're running a fan at night, somewhat to keep the house cool but also to provide white noise to filter out Lucille's shitty little yaps. (And if you know why I've called the Godzilla and Lucille, you are a serious filk geek.)

Our budget has become extremely tight-- so much so that I've had to shut down my Usenet feed for a month or two. This would almost cause serious withdrawal if it weren't for (a) the huge backlog of unsorted movies, anime, cartoons, amateur art and posted porn, and (b) the discovery of bittorrent, which keeps the anime flowing, and fusker, which keeps the porn cache well-topped.

But there is that backlog. I've been using this middle-of-the-night time to clean it up, and as I did so something caught my eye.

Porn sellers know that porn readers and viewers have preferences and fixations, and they're constantly looking for models that will broaden the overall appeal of their site, while also searching for that one model that has broad and intense appeal for a core audience that will pay well to see more of her. I'm an enthusiastic member of the porn audience but I have to admit that even my tastes are plebeian and predictable: I like healthy, somewhat substantial women, I like the usual sorts of accouterments such as large (and preferably natural) breasts and a firm ass. Odd things, too: a muscular back is hot to me, a snaggletooth (I think I've mentioned that before), a strong neck.

Let's see... what do I have a lot of right now? Aria Giovanni, Erica Campbell, Veronica Zemanova, Luba. A veritable who's-who of the higher echelons of nude models. A very mundane collection. And under my porn archive I have one directory labeled "Peach."

A pretty girl, and you've gotta admire her outfit. She was working for Twisty's, a middle-of-the-road porn reseller, full nudity, often spread and gynecological, often using an unnatural amount of baby oil to get that full-body sheen. She only vaguely pushed my buttons but what the heck, I liked her eyes (no, really!) so I tossed her into my fusker list. Her only really striking feature is her billboard-sized forehead, which may sound unflattering but actually looks pretty good on her. It doesn't hurt that she's quite zaftig and when she lies on her back her breasts flop down with no artificial filler.

I noticed last week that there hadn't been any new Twisty's posts from her in a while. And then, oddly enough, a new girl appeared on Femjoy who looked vaguely like her under the moniker of "Pamela." I pulled up pictures of "Peach" and "Pamela" side by side: definitely the same girl. Same nose, same freckles, same massive forehead.

Femjoy is much higher-class than Twisty's; less hard, more elegant, much more into natural settings and poses, definitely not doing mere body-part closeups, one of the new line of "just pretty girls" pornographers, alongside Domai, Hegre, Galitsin, and MET. As eye-candy goes, the two pictorials she did for Femjoy were much more pleasant to look at.

The flip side is that I don't believe she can be making as much money per shoot as she was at Twisty's. Twisty's is pretty much at the peak of still pornography: hard enough to imply sleaze without actually doing hardcore, but with models pretty enough to really pull in an audience. Still, they do buff and polish their models and the photos to a highly artificial gloss, and Femjoy does not. Femjoy is just getting off the ground in a space with a lot of serious competition, especially from MET.

There's a story there. I can't help but I wonder if she just wanted a better class of photos-- youthful beauty is, after all, a perishable resource, and her work with Femjoy is so much nicer. Maybe there was a conflict with someone at Twisty's. Still, I'm not gonna complain if the fusker dredges up more of her.

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pookfreak From: pookfreak Date: July 29th, 2005 01:54 am (UTC) (Link)
Is it possible that the fuskers porn is actually older than the twisters porn?

Just curious....
elfs From: elfs Date: July 29th, 2005 03:04 am (UTC) (Link)
You mean the Femjoy vs. the Twisty's? I suppose it's possible, but the Femjoys are all dated July, whereas the Twisty's have been around for longer than that; most of them seem to be from February and March.
pixel39 From: pixel39 Date: July 29th, 2005 03:04 am (UTC) (Link)
"My dogs ain't makin' no noise..."
elfs From: elfs Date: July 29th, 2005 03:07 am (UTC) (Link)
"Godzilla and Lucille are asleep in the doghouse..."
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