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Riding In - Elf M. Sternberg
Riding In
What a beautiful morning it was for riding in today! The weather was clear, the sun was just coming up as I rode into the city, and for once nobody tried to run me over. The opening ride is always cold because it's downhill into the ravine formed by a little stream, then back up into Burien proper, but once I was on the uphill I performed well and made it to the busstop with time to spare.

The ride from the Seattle Art Museum to my office was a little harder. Usually, after cresting the hill at Pike Place Market and 1st, I make a left and head for 3rd, which takes me to the Seattle Center and the Space Needle. But 3rd is under construction, which made for a very bumpy ride.

Under the tarmacadam and cement, most of downtown's roads have a beautiful layer of brick. It's too bad that it's hard to maintain and hard on modern tires, because it looks lovely. I drove over it and received some unwelcome bumps and jumps but nothing too bad. Rode through Seattle Center, which is always completely quiet at that time of the morning.

That ravine's going to be a pain in the ass on the way back home.

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