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Cool discoveries - Elf M. Sternberg
Cool discoveries
I found two very cool things this week. I think they're very cool, at any rate. Moleskine Storyboards is a Moleskin with inset frames designed to allow illustrators, animators, and cartoonists the power to write and draw scenes. I instantly wanted one, but I didn't buy it, not sure what I'd actually do with it. I really shouldn't go into the PaperHaus store in downtown; there's far too much temptation.

The other cool thing I found was Dark Places, a version of Quake I that takes a happy seat next to my text-mode quake, sketch-mode, and blueprint-mode. Dark Places upgrades the 3D engine of the original Quake to nearly Quake III quality, with proper 3D shading. Instead of a random spray of pixels, the "points" of a grenade explosion are now arcpoints with soft glows between them, giving the "boom" a much more realistic feel. Instead of a spear of uniform white, the ghosts now spit green, glowing gobs with hazy auras. Everything in Quake looks amazing, and apparently the author has created add-on worlds that are even higher quality, with better wall textures and clearer monsters. This is the Quake in our imagination, and I'm actually really happy to see someone working on it.

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