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A DVD died: An annoying lesson - Elf M. Sternberg
A DVD died: An annoying lesson
This evening I wanted to watch Someday's Dreamers. I've been watching the series very slowly and had finally finished the first DVD, so I popped in the second. No Disc. I tried it in all of my DVD readers, and none of them would read it. And when I went to go find the originals I discovered that they were missing.

Grief. Now I have to go rent them, or buy them, or something. I know Wonderworld has them on VHS, but what a pain. I don't know if this was a bad burn or what; those happen very rarely these days, but this DVD was burned a long time ago, before I got the new stable power supply. (By the way, I blew out the innards of my computer with a can of air and it's been stable as a rock since. I think some dust may just have shorted something.)

Bleah. Oh, well, this gives me an excuse to finish Nanoha instead. I'd better finish it soon: the sequel started last week.

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