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Anime blogging! - Elf M. Sternberg
Anime blogging!
Mai Otome continues to be somewhere between annoying and attractive. As of episode two, Arika is shown to be such an obnoxious, fixated brat that she's only outshown by Mashiro-hime's brattiness. In fact, the whole show is full of brats: the third girl in this triangle of rivalry, Nina, is a wealthy brat whose apparently willing to step on anyone and anything in her way to get to the top.

Shizuru (yay!) is still the same, still attracted to cute girls and still wowing them with her elegance and prowess, only now she's a butt-kicking, sky-spanning ninja-like warrior. So far the only character I'm actually interested in is the very minor Major Wang, Nina's foster-father. He seems to have some interesting history.

Sousei no Aquarion continues to be, as one acquaintance put, "crack-fueled". Each episode mocks some issue or aspect of either anime or life. Episode 16 mocked goth-loli anime; episode 17 mocked dieting; episode 18 mocked cosplayers. The animation and writing, though, are solid, and somehow the writers came up with a good combination of characters that can continue to be played off one another in entertaining variations. Sustaining a high-pitch for the full episode, episode after episode, is pretty hard, but so far Aquarion has managed it.

Aria, the anime, is still delightful, a good wind-down to the end of the week. It's my must-see of the season.

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