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Brokeback Mountain - Elf M. Sternberg
Brokeback Mountain
Omaha and I managed to find friends who'd take the girls for the evening, so each child got to have a movie night with her best friends while Omaha and I went out to watch a movie of our own. We were gonna watch the Science Fiction Museum / Seattle International Film Festival's "Science Fiction Shorts Festival" going on at the Cinerama, but they sold out. So we went to see Brokeback Mountain instead.

Oh, my. Yes, it's a "Gay Cowboy" movie. But it's a very, very good film. I was especially impressed with the sets and costuming; it must have been hard to find that many 1973 Ford F160's, and I remember my family owning one of those OmniVox TV sets! I cried when it ended, and so did Omaha, and I'd read the story so I knew how it ended. Ang Lee did a fabulous job of showing how keeping silent creates chasms between people who say they love one another, and showed the isolation of the two main characters as they tried to make their way through the world. Heath Ledger gives an especially excellent and restrained performance as a man trying so hard to do what is right in a world that loathes what he is. Great flick.

For those who have seen it, I have to ask: the last lovers' spat Jack and Ennis have, when they end up on the ground holding one another, the camera seems to make a big deal of bruises on Jack's hand. Now, we know that, unlike Ennis, Jack was going to male prostitutes and had at least one other lover, and the scene takes places in 1983. It's not in the original story, but I can't help but wonder if the director was trying to imply Karposi's Sarcoma. Opinions?

Omaha also caught that the last scene, where Ennis's daughter tells him she's getting married, was not quite with the flow of the story, and indeed it wasn't. The ending in the short story was much, much better, I thought. The scene in the movie felt too much like a "life goes on" ending, and that takes away from the poignancy.

We went to the hot tub place and then ate Indian food, but we were so tired after that we just went home to bed. Whatever happened to the party animals we used to be?

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slutdiary From: slutdiary Date: February 6th, 2006 03:27 am (UTC) (Link)
Isn't it a magnificent movie?

I was struck by the incredibly beautiful brush-strokes of landscape, obviously a totally different canvas but from the same palate as Crouching Tiger.

And yes, there were four of us together for the movie and we all cried.
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