Elf M. Sternberg (elfs) wrote,
Elf M. Sternberg

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Marketing Idea: Punishment Pyjamas

I think someone ought to start a company called Brussel Sprouts Pyjamas. They make high-priced, ugly pyjamas for children. Pyjamas with pictures of crying babies. Pyjamas printed with brussel sprouts and liver. Pyjamas with pictures of sludge plumbers and garbage men as drawn by Don Martin, complete with flies. Pyjamas in hideous, splotchy greens, greys and browns. They'd have be comfy as hell, but unpleasant to look at.

I keep telling Kouryou-chan that if she doesn't stay in bed, I'm gonna buy her ugly pyjamas. She's obsessed with pretty colors, and actually having a pair of such pyjamas would be good incentive. Of course, it might always backfire and we'd end up with a Goth child.
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