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Splat! - Elf M. Sternberg
Sunday, the kids wake up before we do, head into our hosts' home, and turn on the television. I think someone else turned it on for them. They found Nickelodeon, which, while neutral, doesn't quite rise to the level of junk television so I didn't scowl or anything when I found out.

I made a quick run to the store for apple-flavored coffee cake, which was pretty bland, from Fred Meyers, but by the time I got home the kids had already been feed Cheerios and bananas, so the adults indulged instead.

I wasn't sure if I'd wanted to go to paintball. I'd really wanted to go to the graduation party; j5nn5r and Desirae have really done an amazing job of creating one heck of a well-prepared adult in their eldest daughter and I like them all a lot. I figured it was just my usual pre-socializing blahs, which I always get, and decided to go for it anyway. fallenpegasus actually showed up, too, which made for an interesting session.

This time there wasn't as much fun. At least two of the battlefields on which we fought were too big for a group of less than ten, which we were, and none of us were that well-equipped. Well, except for one of Jenner's friends who turned out to be an old paintball hound with full-body camoflage, a semi-automatic pistol, and fabulous wrap-around head armor. Fortunately he wasn't that great a shot.

I got in a few kills. A couple of fun ones on the second battlefield, which was too large, by running for the upper ridge and sniping down on people who thought they had taken the high ground. It wasn't high enough. I managed to get kills on the last run on both of the "bad guys" but only because they made stupid mistakes.

The rest of the time, I got shot a lot and have the bruises to show for it.

When we returned to Jenner's home after that, we made sure that Jenner's younger daughter, who's 15 now, had successfully watched the kids for the four hours we were gone. They were fine. Quite pleased, in fact. They'd been fed a snack, but I made them PB&J sandwiches on whole-wheat bread while I had a little chili and some quesedilla. After a shower, Jenner tried to get me engaged in a game of Halo, but I'm afraid that I'd had enough shooting at people for one day. Besides, violent video games are a bit like wanking: not something you want the kids to see you doing.

We drove Yamaarashi-chan back to her mother's home. Lily and Aurora were there, but Yamaarashi-chan was quite upset to learn that her mother was not. Ah, well. I hugged her and assured her that her mother would be home eventually and then headed back to our own home.

Kouryou-chan fell asleep in the back seat and was so tired we just lifted her out of her carseat, undressed her in the hallway, checked that her training pants were still dry, and unceremoniously dumped her into her bed. Given that the last thing she ate was half a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich around 6pm, when she arises she's going to be one hungry and thirsty little monster. Omaha and I crashed immediately afterwards; we were so beat I could hardly keep my eyes open.

I slept the sleep of the just.

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