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Freudian Confession from a Man Who's Here To Help You - Elf M. Sternberg
Freudian Confession from a Man Who's Here To Help You
Tony Snow, the President's Press Secretary and former FOX pundit, yesterday said this:
Well, as I pointed out -- I mentioned this yesterday, and for -- let me see if I can find my quote, because I pulled it out. Chuck Hagel, as you may recall, made a fair amount of news over the weekend when he first said that -- let's see -- "Well, I want to listen to the details and I want to listen to the President," said Senator Hagel -- he said this on "This Week" on a competing network. But I would say this: I think we have to be very careful here. That's not the role of our military, that's not the role of our National Guard."
[Emphasis mine]. Hmm. Comedian Charlie Pierce, the day his hiring was announced asked "Does that really qualify as leaving the Fox offices? Is he even changing desks?" It seems that we now have the answer: the White House is a division of FOX News. Its purpose is to drive eyeballs to FOX's website and TV stations.

I have a bumper sticker: Your Government Is Hard At Work Keeping You Amused. That has never seemed more true than today.

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