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I Am Michael Savage. - Elf M. Sternberg
I Am Michael Savage.
Today, I am Michael Savage.

Read why.

Well, okay, it's not as much fun as impeachment, and it might get you into a fistfight or two, but I gotta pimp it anyway:


It reads, in six major languages: "I'm sorry my president's an idiot. I didn't vote for him."

A couple of days ago I complained about lawyers in Alabama arguing a First Amendment case indictating that they accepted as essentially true the whole Christian mythos unquestioningly, they just wanted to play by the rules.

By that same notion, consider the following:

Guwahati, India: Hundreds of tantric sadhus pledged Tuesday to fight ancient barbaric rituals of human sacrifices at the few places in India where the grisly practice continues.

Last week, a self-proclaimed sadhu almost sacrificed his 18-month-old daughter at the Kamakhya temple. Amritlal Mazumdar was slicing his daughters neck with a razor when her screams of pain alerted devotees who rescued the baby from being sacrificed.

Earlier this year, two children were sacrificed in Tripura after a devotee had a dream that offering human livs to the deity would lead him to hidden treasures.

Nowhere in that quote does the reporter use the word he should have used: murder. He can't even bring himself to write "homicide." The furthest he goes is to call it "grisly" and quotes one "cult seer" as saying that the practice "demeans tantracism."

No word yet on how any of the victims felt.

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