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July 4th: Rockets and Mortars! - Elf M. Sternberg
July 4th: Rockets and Mortars!
The fourth was a quiet day, and an exciting night. Breakfast was catch-as-catch can, where Kouryou-chan discovered she liked English muffins with peanut butter and strawberries, but Yamaraash-chan preferred hers with bananas. We shoo'd the girls outside and did a few routine chores, like the kitchen and the bedroom, and then Omaha and I tried to enourage the children to stay outside while we proceeded to try and kill each other playing Quake 4 Deathmatch. We've figured out how to use downloadable maps in LAN mode, so we tried a few. Omaha does much better on very large maps, although one we tried was just insanely huge and she kept slipping off the edge and dying in the fall. She's mean with a railgun, but the rocket launcher remains our favorite weapon. I taught her how to rocket jump for the super-armor and the quad damage.

It thundered and rained in the afternoon. What was that for? It lasted no more than an hour, and then it cleared up enough for me to grill burgers and steak fries. From four potates I cut eight wedges each and put them into a plastic bag with olive oil, Lowry's seasoned salt and some extra paprika, and shook well, then put them directly over the fire. I moved them around every few minutes, as the grill is somewhat uneven in its heat and I wanted to make sure every side got done, basting them with what was left in the marinade bag. The burgers were especially good with lots of lettuce, tomato and onion.

We went to the Des Moines yacht club show. Not the biggest in the area, but it's easy to get to and the children are well and truly happy with it. We arrived an hour early. It was cold. Since when does mid-July require more than just a sweater? Kouryou-chan recognized a friend from the YMCA and the kids were off, playing tag in the tiny park while we waited for the show. Lots of kids there. I commisserated with the beautiful young lady in elegant librarian glasses next to me about the closure of the local Dollar Store, a year after the 99¢ Store across the street had closed, giving us no cheap sources for glowsticks anymore. Sad.

The show was full of bangs and booms, and across the Sound we could see the Vashon and Tacoma shows as well. Vashon is full of rich people who can afford to blow lots of stuff up, so their show is always wonderfully huge, and can be appreciated by people all across the Sound. The Des Moines show was just four small barges, but enough.

The drive home wasn't too bad. We were home by 11, an hour after my bedtime, and two after the girls', and we were all feeling it. They went straight to bed, and were asleep by the time Omaha and I crawled into bed fifteen minutes later. Despite the Ferals' having their own little battlefield at the end of the street well into the night, I must have fallen right asleep.

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lisakit From: lisakit Date: July 6th, 2006 02:11 am (UTC) (Link)
I've noticed that the last few (5 or 6) years much of Puget Sound has had a good rain on the 3rd or 4th, but then it quits sometime before fireworks start. Awfully convenient to have the ground soaked before the flaming things start flying. The gods must like us. ;p
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