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Play Hooky.

So, the family made its annual trek to Wild Waves and, much like last year, the summer refused to put out the hot yellow carpet for us. The morning was cloudy and chilly, although it did clear up by afternoon. It was an absolutely wonderful group that showed up this year: tabbifli, talek, kendaer, fallenpegasus, tygereclipse, lisakit, omahas, Kouryou-chan, and a lovely woman whose LJ identity I'm not yet clear on, brought with Kendaer's crew.

Kouryou-chan had finally reached 48 inches in height, and so was able to do all the rides that last year Yamaraashi-chan was able to do but she was not, so she rode everything with a vengeance: roller coasters, bumper cars, the log flume, everything.

Omaha was disappointed to learn that the hot tubs next to the wave pool were broken down, their pumps in need of replacement but, sadly, the company didn't have the finances to replace them. There's a rumor that Six Flags has Wild Waves on the chopping block this year, and they're avoiding putting any more money into the park then they have to to keep it running. The Dutch Funnel concession stand was closed for a similar reason. The water seemed to be colder but the grounds were cleaner, indicating that maybe they're primping to sell the place. Dunno.

I think we all had a good time. I went down every water slide in the main park at least once, tried to flirt (dunno if I succeeded, it's kinda a new skill to me), and was terribly lecherous with the eye candy.

After getting out of the park, we went out to Red Lobster, where I had the steak. When Omaha, Kouryou-chan and I got home we all went straight to bed.

Other than a profound and admiring reminder of the infinite diversity of human forms, not much story material came out of the trip, sad to say.
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