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Pumpkin Carving! - Elf M. Sternberg
Pumpkin Carving!
On Friday we took the girls pumpkin-hunting. Although it was cold and the rain had briefly sprinkled as we were on our way to the farm, when we got there it was clear enough that the girls each picked out a medium-sized pumpkin of their own. We also ran through the corn maze they had there which, while nothing like the Carpinito mazes we've been to in years past, was much cheaper and just as much fun for the girls. I don't think they cared too much about the scavenger-hunt style mazes; they just wanted to get lost and found again, and that maze was the perfect excuse for it.

Sunday, Omaha left for Washington DC to attend a convention there, leaving me to watch over the kids. I think I did a good job making sure they were fed and clothed and generally kept safe. I tried to limit how much visual entertainment they had. They've both taken up knitting with some kind of vengeanance. Kouryou-chan is braiding something on her fingers; she says it'll be a scarf for the cat. I've never seen something made that way, it's fascinating. Yamaraashi-chan is much more disciplined, making a tight-knit little bag with knitting needles.

Hosted on Flickr!
After lunch it was time to carve our pumpkins. I have one of those "safety saws" for pumpkin carving and I allowed the girls to do their own cutting. They took turns with it, trading it back and forth as they sawed off the opening in the top. Kouryou-chan was fastidious and wanted to wear latex gloves while doing the "icky part" of scooping out Jack O' Lantern's brains.

Hosted on Flickr!
Yamaraashi-chan wasn't quite clear on the concept of cutting at an angle, but I managed to keep her from dropping the lid into the pumpkin. As she scooped out her pumpkin's innards, I set Kouryou-chan to drawing her pumpkin's face on a sheet of paper.

When they both had clean pumpkins and drawings of what they wanted, I had them draw their design on the pumpkin with wet-erase red marker, and then they set to cutting. Each took a turn, and both did a good job. I only gave advice on how to open up the openings so that more light would come through the small eyes and noses they were giving their Jack O' Lanterns. The one on the left is Yamaarashi-chan's, the one on the right Kouryou-chan's. Kouryou-chan's eyes show more skill, but Yamaarashi-chan did wonderful job of getting a whole lot more light of out the face.

The results!
Hosted on Flickr!. Click to enlarge.

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dakiwiboid From: dakiwiboid Date: October 30th, 2006 06:47 pm (UTC) (Link)

Those are really good!

Your girls are both very talented. It sounds like they had a lot of fun, too, which is the best part. You're baking the seeds, aren't you? Those are the best part!
dakiwiboid From: dakiwiboid Date: October 30th, 2006 06:51 pm (UTC) (Link)


I mean the seeds are the best part of the pumpkin!
hydrolagus From: hydrolagus Date: October 31st, 2006 12:30 am (UTC) (Link)
They might enjoy this pattern/instructions for an easy knitted kitten:http://geobabe.livejournal.com/195349.html (once it has been edited to remove the extraneous)
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