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Writing Progress - Elf M. Sternberg
Writing Progress
I've figured out what the Sterlings arc is: Situation Pornography. Instead of setting the reader up for a laugh, I hope to set her up for arousal, and I've got a varied cast living in different places and in different plotlines to do it all with. I did 2,616 words today, bringing my four-day total up to 12182. Given that by NaNoWriMo standards I should be somewhere around 6,668 words today, that's a respectable margin. I hope I don't blow it.

After the 9,500 words or so of high-powered futanari porn complete with vague moments of nonconsentuality, two characters who get off on each other's power, minor water sports, vibrators, anal play, and voyeurism, it's time to write a 5,000 word interlude of vicious gossip (must introduce new characters waiting in the wings, plus get the audience up-to-speed on characters that have been idling for a while), intergenerational angst, and gentle girl-on-girl romance.

Before I get back to Khrystyne pushing Saul just a little too hard (needed some Rough Gay Sex™ in there to keep some of my fans happy), Dove trying ineptly to seduce Polly, and one very long threesome scene.

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