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Crash and burn! - Elf M. Sternberg
Crash and burn!
Well, after hitting 100K last night on Sterlings I seem to have fallen into a writing blah. I think it might be time for a two-week revision: go back and fix what's wrong with the last 25K or so, polish the timeline, and get set up.

jaylake turned me on to Justine Larbalestier's technique for writing a novel, which involves a spreadsheet for tracking things. It occurred to me that I had fallen off the metadata wagon a while back and should get back on it. Unfortunately, that means splitting the first epsiode up into individual chapters just for my own sake.

Why should I do this? Because if it's done correctly, generating the spreadsheet becomes automatic. A simple awk script can do it. And it's nice to have a 10,000 meter overview of what's happening. Now all I need is a story code as wacky as the Geek Code and I'll be set.

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