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A new camera.

Omaha bought me a beautiful new camera, the one much beloved of BoingBoing and CoolTools, the DMC-TZ1 from Lumix. I'm still getting used to it (and I definitely need to invest in a gorillapod soon) but one of the first things I wanted to capture with it was the cool, empty feeling the Pike Place Market gives off first thing in the morning. By noon the place will be packed with tourists but before 7:00 AM the place is barely getting into motion. And it's kinda neat to walk through and see all of the activity (or non-activity) going on long before most people get there. I often go through just as the grocer is opening, picking up a grapefruit ($1.50 here, $1.85 over at the Safeway) or some other fruit, or a bagel (if the store's open when I get there; sometimes he isn't).

And, hey, it's my first Flickr Set.
Tags: photography
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