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Hey! I wrote a story. - Elf M. Sternberg
Hey! I wrote a story.
After not writing for two days, I sat down and wrote 5,339 words this evening in about three hours. I wish I could say that they were useful words, but probably not. First, they're not in any story I've been working on. Instead, I struck out and wrote a sequel to Mobility, the Eva Fransisquo story about the girl in the wheelchair.

It's an okay story. The love scene is all about commitment, and it compliments the story it follows by showing our characters five years later facing a terrible crisis that only Eva can repair, because she's so strong and so small. And it takes one of the "placeholder" files in the Journal Entries working directory and turns it into a "needs rewrite" category, completely jumping over the "in first draft" stage. Yay!

Hopefully, I'm breaking through my blockage on plot. That's always where I have the worst time: is there a fight, and is it a fair fight? Often not in the Journal Entries: the good guys have too many powerful people on their side. The only way to make it seem like a good fight is to make them unaware of or unwilling to accept benefaction.

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