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A pleasant day, full of ordinary pleasures. - Elf M. Sternberg
A pleasant day, full of ordinary pleasures.
Omaha and I found willing victims to take care of Kouryou-chan for the afternoon, so she and I went out shopping and dining, then came home and made wild pagan lunar love. I'll say this: nobody had better Luminol my bedroom.

One of the things I bought was a new hard drive. One of the two main storage drives on my desktop is throwing ECC errors, meaning "You can read from this drive, but don't write to it." I hate when that happens. At least I don't seem to have lost anything. I'll probably do the actual replacement tomorrow if the sun's out and it's nice.

Omaha bought a couple of nifty belts, and I joked about her shopping at places like Icing and Claire: "I see reclaiming one's youth involves garish belts with deaths-head buckles." I think she wanted to smack me.

Kouryou-chan came home and Omaha went back out with a friend. I made dinner: home-made macaroni & cheese for Kouryou-chan, steak for myself. I didn't buy it from the butcher, bad mistake. The stuff from the grocer is okay but it wasn't as good. I'll remember that next time.

Now that I have a memory chip for my Palm, I've been playing with porting much of my personal library to Plucker. If you'd like the entire Journal Entries in your pocket and you're a Palm user, the command for it is (all one line):
 plucker-build --noimages -N 'The Journal Entries' -f Journals --maxdepth=2 
--stayonhost http://www.pendorwright.com/journals/index-min.rhtml 

You'll have to open up a console to do than in an MS product, but it should work on all the major OSes out there. That creates a document 'Journals.pdb' (the name after the -f argument). Just sync that to your Palm's storage (the near-line card, preferably, as it's about 5MB, which is 63% of my Palm's onboard) and it'll show up as 'The Journal Entries' in your Palm library.

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