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So foody. - Elf M. Sternberg
So foody.
It never ceases to amaze me how this household can go from "We don't have anything to cook and we have less than half an hour to cook it all" to having a full and healthy meal. Last night, fallenpegasus escaped from his current high-pressure assignment to wander over and Omaha cooked lemon basil shrimp over pasta and baby spinach. It was astoundingly delicious.

Tonight, when faced with the same problem, I tossed two frozen chicken breasts into the microwave while Omaha prepped our new rice cooker (I hate gadgets that take up counterspace; I love my rice cooker. I don't think Omaha and I could live without one). It took four minutes to defrost the chicken, one to slice them thin, three to brown the outsides, and ten to simmer them in a half-cup of water and our taco mix. While they simmered I prepped the lettuce, tomato, and chedder cheese.

We ran a lot of errands. The kids got haircuts. I weeded out part of the garden bed and made pointless war on the dandelions. Omaha thinks we should just nuke it from orbit; it's the only way to be sure. We kicked the kids out of the house to get some vitamin D, and Yamaraashi-chan bundled herself in her coat and read a book while Kouryou-chan tore through the backyard with her friends playing with their pony toys.

I'm tempted to try cooking naan tomorrow. I could always just mix the batch together and if I didn't feel like the trouble time came, I could just do it all on the cooking stone. Or I could make a peasant bread again. And I so want to make Rump roast with scallion-caper green sauce. I think I can talk Omaha into letting me cook that tomorrow with garlic baby reds and pan-roasted asparagus.

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