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Coming back to life one slow, agonizing build at a time. - Elf M. Sternberg
Coming back to life one slow, agonizing build at a time.
Well, after being mostly down and out all weekend, I'm back. Saturday night I set my computer to work rebuilding all of those things that had been "upgraded" in the past year to work around the Japanese input problem. I woke up Sunday to find my laptop crashed, and when I brought it back on-line all sorts of things were broken. Wireless connectivity, email reader, secure remote login, and most notably my editor, emacs, which is also my Usenet reader and my LJ composer, all broken. It took me all day to bring the damn thing back to a useable condition. I'm not even sure what's finished and what's not, but I seem to have everything back as of this morning. I have wireless (although it complains bitterly when I start it), email, emacs (although I had to build it twice to get motif support into it) and remote login.

Bizarrely, the rebuild isn't finished and yet I now have Japanese input support again.

A couple of things remain broken: the thumbnailer and the Haskell compiler. I need to review them now that I've updated the compiler as well, and see if they're still broken.

I'm blogging from the basement of the King County Courthouse, so my connectivity is a bin flaky. More on that later.

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Current Music: Kubusschnitt, The Singularity

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