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Sunday: Carousels and Singing Queers - Elf M. Sternberg
Sunday: Carousels and Singing Queers
So, in the holiday spirit, Omaha and I took Kouryou-chan up to Westlake Center to ride the Christmas Carousel. The vast bricklain quadrangle was Cold, wet, and dark-- just the way Seattlites like it-- but a brass band played proudly in one corner as we waited in line.

After the ride we went into Westlake, where I snapped the photo in the previous entry. We went up to the food court, where I tried the BBQ (okay, but unremarable), Kouryou-chan had pizza and Omaha bought a wrap of something Thai-like. While we were there, a gorgeous young Asian woman walked by with her entire head done in tight, colored cornrows: black, blue, and white. Be still my heart. I complemented her on them and she said "It took seven hours." I don't think I'd have that much discipline.

We went home, had a quiet afternoon and dinner, and then went back out because our big event of the day was the Seattle Men's Chorus's annual Christmas Show. It was a big event, and we got box seats in the uppermost tier.

Omaha bought a pair of raffle tickets from a very cute guy, and although ultimately we didn't win, my strongest reaction to hearing the man we bought them from was, "Damn, I miss that life." I do, really. From the cute pair of men holding hands as we walked in to the gorgeous array of dancers on stage, it was all memories of my time in the early 90s when I was younger and queerer. Ah, well.

The show was fabulous. A Countrified version of the Dredl song had us all laughing so hard there were tears. They did sing-alongs with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and the conductor encouraged us to use the "extra" refrains that only kids know-- hey, that's why we brought the eight-year-old, right? A comedy skit in the middle was a little flat, but the follow-up of "Jingle Bells" sung in ten different styles was very good. The closer of "Silent Night," which finished in complete silence and done only in sign, was moving, and the crowd was let out with a roaring, stomping rendition of "Santa Clause is Coming To Town."

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