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Snide Comments! - Elf M. Sternberg
Snide Comments!
In a review of Gentoo, writer "Pappy" at opednews.com writes, "As everyone knows who reads my stuff, I am nothing if not a rebel," followed by this gem: "While Gentoo remains perhaps the most difficult operating system I have ever installed on a computer, once it gets installed, it works quite nicely."

I'm sorry, when someone says that, I know they're not quite up to the snuff I expect of a Linux reviewer. Because Gentoo is not "difficult" to install. It takes a long time (most of it unattended), but the recipe for installing Gentoo is very straightforward, probably one of the best-documented of all Linux distros and better documented than Windows, and not "difficult."

"Difficult" is installing HURD. Or React. or Aros. "Difficult" is installing TransAmeritech Linux with the 0.96 kernel. Gentoo is not "difficult."
And on the political side, Ed Brayton noted that Rudy Giuliani is becoming a parody of himself. When asked about his low showing in Iowa, Rudy said: "None of this worries me - Sept. 11, there were times I was worried." Ed said he was reminded of the Mr. Subliminal character from Saturday Night Live:
We didn't (9/11) pour our money (terrorists) into Iowa (September 11th), choosing instead (Muslims are going to kill you all if you don't elect me to protect you) to focus (Osama Bin Laden wants to rape your daughter) on the later primaries (did I mention 9/11?).
Well, Rudy did it again. Wednesday, when asked about Hillary's "crying" video, Rudy said:
The reality is, if you look at me, September 11 -- the funerals, the memorial services -- there were times in which it was impossible not to feel the emotion.
I have to watch A Daily Show to see what Jon Stewart does with this.

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woggie From: woggie Date: January 11th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
The difficulty of your Linux install seems to have to do with the obscurity of your hardware. That's what Ubuntu has taught me.
ewhac From: ewhac Date: January 12th, 2008 06:38 am (UTC) (Link)
"Difficult" is installing HURD. Or React. or Aros. "Difficult" is installing TransAmeritech Linux with the 0.96 kernel.

Don't forget L4-Pistachio. (Actually, with the advent of GRUB, it's far less difficult than one would fear.)

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