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Readibility Index - Elf M. Sternberg
Readibility Index
Well, this is not good. Looking through miraclemax's recent post about readibility, I decided to go to The Source, the programs 'style' and 'diction', and find out about my own journal. Here's what it says for the complete record:

readability grades:
    Kincaid: 6.6
    ARI: 6.9
    Coleman-Liau: 8.9
    Flesch Index: 78.6
    Fog Index: 9.6
    Lix: 33.6 = below school year 5
    SMOG-Grading: 8.9
sentence info:
    579218 characters
    137877 words, average length 4.20 characters = 1.31 syllables
    8057 sentences, average length 17.1 words
    47% (3840) short sentences (at most 12 words)
    17% (1409) long sentences (at least 27 words)
    2277 paragraphs, average length 3.5 sentences
    5% (409) questions
    37% (3047) passive sentences
    longest sent 419 wds at sent 7655; shortest sent 1 wds at sent 37
word usage:
    verb types:
    to be (4062) auxiliary (1232)
    types as % of total:
    conjunctions 6% (7892) pronouns 12% (16215) prepositions 12% (15942)
    nominalizations 1% (1294)
sentence beginnings:
    pronoun (2956) interrogative pronoun (259) article (635)
    subordinating conjunction (300) conjunction (457) preposition (296)

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rfreebern From: rfreebern Date: September 12th, 2003 05:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's a little more comprehensive than the info my meme gives you. But then, I tried to make mine give concise information that the average livejournal user would possibly be interested in.

It's still not nearly as popular as the sitcom meme, though. I guess computer-generated random silly mad-lib style memes are more fun than ones that attempt to give meaningful information.
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