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Brain day - Elf M. Sternberg
Brain day
A little late, Mr. McClellan
Ezra Klein reminds us that truthtelling is powerful when it's hard, but McClellan is late to the game, his president has a disapproval rating over 70%, and we all know all this stuff.

Being clear about Scott McClellan
How well do we know all this stuff? Michael Turk, Bush/Cheney Director of Internet Campaigns, 2004, twittered last night: "Feeling for Scott McLellan. Nice getting savaged for saying what everyone knows to be true anyway." In a followup article, Turk ruminates on the idea that loyalty has become more important than truth, and how this idea is being sold to the American people.

Prominent Republicans skipping Bush event in Kansas
And how unpopular is President Bush? He'll be in Kansas for a fundraiser, and both state senators and one representative have announced they're skipping it. The man has become toxic.

Bush authorized leak of Plame identity
They say Americans have short attention spans and will forget, before too long, the prosecutor scandal and the Plame affair. Before you do, realize that McClellan asked Bush if he had authorized the leaking of Plame's name, and Bush's response was, "Yeah, I did." Andrew Sullivan says that if what McClellan writes is true, it is the duty of Congress to impeach the President.

Mike Huckabee on Republican Paternalism
The Huckster tells us that "Republicans need to be Republicans," describes those who subscribe to fundamental enconomic policies as "heartless, soulless, and callous," and advocates more government spending to make our country safer and healthier. I wonder who he'd get the money from.

Why does Hollywood hate Posthumans?
While comics and novels diligently consider both sides of the posthuman issue and generally think it comes out okay, movies and television have traditionally depicted the posthuman condition as dangerous and worthy of understanding only in order to destroy it.

Clinton to Voters: Fuck You Too
In a letter to the superdelegates, Hillary tries to sway them into giving her the numbers she needs even though she's lost the the popular vote both in delegates and total votes cast.

We're all Sodomites Now.
William Saletan's article from yesterday reminded me of this wonderful piece from 2003 bears repeating. Andrew Sullivan shows how everyone is a sodomite in the eyes of the law, but only gays bear the brunt of legal and social stigma.

That was the year of Lawrence v. Texas, the case that overturned sodomy laws that applied only to persons of the same sex. The Family Research Council, a very conservative Christian group, protested and defended the right of heterosexual citizens to engage in sodomy thusly:
Sodomy between unmarried persons of different sexes occur within relationships which Texas may wish to encourage, either as valuable in themselves, or because they could mature into marriages, or both.

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srmalloy From: srmalloy Date: May 31st, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
Never mind that, along with Obama, Hillary agreed with the DNC's sanctions against Michigan and Florida for moving their primaries up farther than was acceptable; the moment she fell behind in the delegate race, it instantly became unspeakably horrible and unfair that the voters in those states be 'disenfranchised' (i.e., 'unable to contribute delegates to support my nomination'). From all appearances, she's willing to stay in the race until it's mathematically impossible for her to do any more damage to the Democrats' chances to win the election in November.
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