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Geeky updates... - Elf M. Sternberg
Geeky updates...
So, I wrote two new entries in my professional blog this week. I've been hacking on a database-driven engine for my stories, something that would allow me to integrate it with a wordpress-driven front end and show people how deep the queue is, what's coming next, that kind of stuff.

Using ActiveRecord::Schema to Create Databases Without Rails
This was a pretty straightforward little discovery. If you've ever needed to program to a database in Ruby, this is really the way to go. Rails-free and everything.

Ruby, Python, and references to functions...
This was more of a beg. I don't get how Ruby does references to functions. There's a simple, powerful, obvious (thank you Guido!) way to do it in Python, but I don't know it in Ruby. Does anyone out there know it?

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