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Big Box Brains! - Elf M. Sternberg
Big Box Brains!
Eric Martin on Clive Crook on How Conservative Economists Think Today...
I'm just gonna quote Eric Martin quoting Clive Crook in full:
Remember, Clive Crook is a conservative-leaning economist:
It is worth remembering where the blame for this neutering of fiscal policy lies: squarely with the Bush administration. At the start of this decade, the budget stood in surplus to the tune of 2.4 per cent of GDP. On unchanged policy, this was expected to grow to a surplus of 4.5 per cent of GDP by 2008. This year's actual deficit of 3 per cent of GDP therefore represents a worsening of more than 7 per cent of GDP, or roughly $1,000bn. Almost all of this deterioration is due to policy: to tax cuts, spending increases, and their associated debt-service costs.

That projected surplus was a priceless gift to the White House. It offered the Bush administration ample scope for outlays on homeland security and other unforeseen priorities, and moderate tax cuts as well, all within a budget balanced over the course of the business cycle. Instead, the administration knowingly opted for outrageous fiscal excess - adding insult to injury with its phony tax-cut sunset provisions, designed for no other purpose than to disguise the long-term fiscal implications. Eight years on, this startling record of fiscal irresponsibility has all but taken fiscal policy off the table as an available response to the slowdown.
While this might be true, Obama is awfully skinny, and popular too. So you can understand the dilemma I'm facing in deciding which candidate to back come November.
(via Brad DeLong)

Obama to speak outdoors. Christians pray for rain.
In the "you have got to be kidding me" department, in the weekly commentary "Stop Light," on Focus on the Family's website, producer Steve Shepherd asked FotF's audience to "pray for rain" the day Barack Obama gives his acceptance speech. Lovely!

Karl Rove: McCain should lie more.
In one of those bizzare "you have your numbers, and I have mine" essays (a quote made famous by the 2006 election, in which Rove uttered those words just hours before losing control of the House and Senate), Rove insists that "86% of Republicans like John McCain, but only 74% of Democrats," (if that's true, it's because 100% of decent human beings have abandoned the Republican brand). He says, "McCain needs to come up with a bold domestic reform program," which, I hesitate to point out, will turn off the fanatical Republicans left to him. Those people may not vote for Obama, but he can't afford for them to stay home on election day.

But what's most galling about the article is this:
Mr. McCain is the most private person to run for president since Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s. He needs to share (or allow others to share) more about him, especially his faith. The McCain and Obama campaigns are mirror opposites. Mr. McCain offers little biography, while Mr. Obama is nothing but.
Really? "The most private person to run for president since Coolidge?" Faith of my Fathers, Worth the Fighting For? John McCain's history, laid out in his own literature, is an open book. And it's a pretty scary book.

John McCain can't talk about his "faith" because he doesn't have any. He's not an atheist, but he's not the kind of Christian Rove wants him to be. He can't talk about Jesus and the Resurrection. He can't play dog whistle himself; only Salter (McCain's long-time handler and biographer) and Schmidt (Rove protoge' and McCain's chief campaign advisor) can do that, and only in advertisements McCain has "approved."

McCain's faith is in his country and in his belief about how public service (whether you want to serve or not, citizen!) can make America great. He's a tried and true "Great Nation Conservative," but if he ever ties that into any sort of Christian notions of density, it's at best in a head-nodding "whatever" kind of way. McCain doesn't do that association: other people do it for him.

It's obvious when McCain is uncomfortable with the topic, out of his depth, or knows he's being deceptive: he smiles inappropriately and laughs nervously. Is that what you want to see from your candidate, Karl? More of that? Really?

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satyrblade From: satyrblade Date: August 7th, 2008 04:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
Christ needs to come back and smack the living holy shit out of his followers. Hard. Really, really hard. They're giving the dude a bad name.
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