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I've still got it. It doesn't go away. - Elf M. Sternberg
I've still got it. It doesn't go away.
It's nice to know the reflexes are still there: four days to write 7,328 words in Moi Neuroses. A three-scene bang-up sex story, with some minor angsting and character development, with first Ken & Alice San Harring (a Sterling Y, and yes the name was chosen when I was feeling particularly mischievous), and then Ken & Aaden. Brief interludes on what it means to be a gentleman and the difference between a homosexual and a sodomite-- like I say, there has to be some character revelations or I'm just writing porn, not a story.

Next on the To Do list: put Ohio Stray (1907) into the rewrite queue, and get the Yowler site ready to go.

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