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Gentoo: Speedbump! - Elf M. Sternberg
Gentoo: Speedbump!
Well, I woke up this morning to discover that my desktop rebuild had not actually finished. Almost, but not quite.

There are two primary desktops for Linux: KDE and Gnome. These are the toolkits that provide much of the functionality of the windowing environment: the toolbars, widgets, and window management. Both use a PDF management library called "poppler." Apparently, my first major build-through had build Poppler with a KDE-optimized API, but not the Gnome-optimized API, so when I tried to install Gimp, it halted the build with this message: "Please add GTK to the Poppler USE flags and try again."

I mean, crap, couldn't they just do that themselves? Anyway, I added 'app-text/poppler gtk' to the USE database and restarted.

At least 500 packages have gone in; it was only the last nine or so that had to be restarted. But those nine were all the final products, things like Inkscape (vector art program), Wine (Windows API layer), Gimp (Photoshop replacement), Scribus (Desktop publishing) and Thunderbird.

Still, this has been a hell of a lot more smooth than the 2006 install. I'm told that the 2007 was completely borked, so maybe it's good that I just skipped it and went with a fresh install anyway.

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