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Homeward bound. - Elf M. Sternberg
Homeward bound.
Omaha roused after little over an hour's sleep, after which we went out to dinner at a place called the Downrigger. I had steak; Omaha had clams and mussels. It was marvelous. Afterwards, we went back to the Inn, where foundered on food and exhausted from riding, we decided to just rest. Omaha took a look, restful bath and then watched a bit of television; I hacked on a story, then some code. Plotlines now has two whole working code paths-- not only does the splash page manifest, but it can tell you what it's doing on the fly. And the XML Template Handler now loads the default template and saves it. Whee.

We went to bed.

This morning we roused early, thanks to the shift of daylight savings time. Fortunately, the hostess had also awakened early and made us breakfast-- this time it was excessively rich french toast with apples and brown sugar, and very fresh honeydew. I swooned at the amount of food. The coffee was still thin. I had two cups and, still feeling cold, had a third from the decaf carafe-- and was then informed that "because so many people drank the leaded stuff, both carafes are caffeinated." Great.

Omaha and I lazed about until checkout, enjoying ourselves quietly, snuggling and enjoying the silence without Kouryou-chan. I love her dearly but we so needed to get away from her for at least a little while.

We drove to the other end of the island, where the British had set up their camp during the war. It was much better preserved; Omaha and I hiked the perimeter, which combined with our walk earlier that morning around the Inn property made our legs ache. We drove back to town and got into the ferry line. Omaha didn't feel well at this point; we both suspected the breakfast was too rich for our stomachs, but I seemed to be weathering it better.

The ferry ride over was unremarkable. We played Cosmic Wimpout and watched the terrain go by. The drive home was equally unremarkable.

Can I just say how much I adore the babysitter we hired? She was wonderful. Above and beyond the call of duty, she cooked and cleaned up after herself, made beds... y'know, all we wanted was to make sure that Kouryou-chan was happy and cared-for, but she was great and Omaha and I really appreciated her efforts. Kouryou-chan thought she was the best. And Kouryou-chan was so happy to see us, hugging and kissing. But she knew that we were home, and so she threw an "I want" tantrum that, like normal, didn't go anywhere. She's learning to push her limits. She just not getting anywhere doing it that way.

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